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The difference between neutral lining material and acid lining material in induction furnace

Neutral Ramming MassThe main difference between neutral lining materials and acidic lining materials in an induction furnace is their chemical composition and physical properties.

Neutral lining materials usually refer to materials without acidity or alkalinity in chemical composition such as oxides or carbides. Neutral ramming mass have higher melting points and better electrical conductivity, and are suitable for high-temperature melting processes in induction furnaces. Common neutral lining materials include aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconia, etc.

Acidic lining materials usually refer to chemical components with strong acidity, such as silicon dioxide, ferric oxide, etc. Silica ramming mass are prone to produce acidic oxides at high temperatures, which react with basic oxides in the furnace to form molten glass materials, which is conducive to the adsorption and fixation of metal oxides, so as to achieve the purpose of smelting and refining.

In the operation of the induction furnace, the neutral lining material is mainly used for high-temperature smelting and protecting the surface of the melt, while the acidic lining material is used to reduce the alkalinity of the slag and improve the refining degree of the metal.

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