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Magnesium olivine sand has widely application

Generally speaking, olivine sand divided into calcinated olivine sand and un-calcinated olivine sand. Calcinated olivine sand with yellow color while un-calcinated olivine sand with green color.

As raw material, olivine sand has widely application. Which are

1, used as refractory material

1) As material for making forsterite brick. Usually the bricks are applied for ladle and glass kiln.

2) As main raw material of electric furnace taphole filler. In order to make sure opening rate, and size should be made according to furnace size.

3) Used as ramming material for soaking furnace bed.

4) Used as sand casting material

Except used as refractory raw material, and it also can be used for casting mould especially for manganese steel casting, which has high refractoriness, stable thermal property, good fragility and strong adhesive force.

There are many different level olivine sand in our factory, and please tell application of it or specification you need, which can be made according to your requirements.



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