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The European Commission announced that it will fund the 41 large green low -carbon projects to fund over 3.6 billion euros

On July 13, the European Commission announced that through the European Union Innovation Fund, it funded the 41 large green low -carbon projects in the region to fund over 3.6 billion euros. The scope of this project covered cement, steel, advanced biofuels, sustainable aviation fuels, wind and solar energy, etc. field.

It is reported that the above projects are distributed in 15 member states of the European Union, including Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, etc. The funded projects will be put into operation before 2030. Within 10 years after being put into use, it can help the European Union to reduce emissions of 221 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Photovoltaic battery board and module projects), the amount of funding is nearly 800 million euros; 8 general decarbon projects (including 3 oil refineries and 5 cement and lime industry projects), the funding amount is 1.4 billion euros; medium-sized medium-sized projects Nine, the amount of funding is 250 million euros.



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