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Design manufacture and use of tundish cover

(1) Cover structure: the cover is divided into sections according to the tundish length to prevent cover deformation and facilitate lifting operation.

(2) Cover thickness: According to long-term production practice, whether it is resistant material cover or cast iron cover, 180~200mm thickness is more suitable.

(3) Material: two kinds of materials, one is steel structure knotted resistant material; The other is cast iron cover, the use of two kinds of materials have advantages and disadvantages, the material cover is generally used in the production of carbon steel, because the resistant material has a high refractoriness, so it can resist higher radiant heat of molten steel, but in the process of use the resistant material is easy to fall off, resulting in the formation of secondary oxidation of the resistant material into the molten steel. Even in the process of baking the falling resistant material sometimes blocked the water mouth, resulting in pouring difficulties, because of the low price of resistant material cover, so it is widely used in the production of carbon steel. The heat-resistant cast iron cover is reinforced with steel reinforcement, which has a long service cycle and can generally reach more than one year. During the pouring process, there will be no problems affecting the cleanliness of molten steel such as falling off resistant material. Therefore, cast iron cover is also used in special steel casting machine.

The disadvantage is that due to the low melting point of cast iron, if the tunic covering agent is not effectively added, the radiation heat transfer of exposed molten steel will make the cladding reach melting temperature, thus damaging the cladding. The author has seen many times that the cast iron tunic cover is melted near the impact zone. When designing cast iron cover, be careful not to be too long, or it will be warped. I have also seen the slab continuous casting machine using castable scrap slab cut into tundish cover, the use of serious bending as scrap treatment is not wasted, this is also a good way for slab steel mills.

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