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From November 30th to December 12th, the Twenty-eighth Conference of the Convention on the Framework of the United Nations (COP28) was held in Dubai, UAE. On December 1st, the World Trade Organization (WTO) Director -General Enshqi Oluno Ivera said at the Round Table of the Charity Climate Forum that the WTO support the establishment of the "Steel Standards Principles" (the "Iron Standard Principles" ).

The "Steel Standard Principles" was jointly formulated by multiple standard formulation agencies, international organizations, steel manufacturers and industry associations in the world. It believes that the annual emissions of greenhouse gas in the steel industry account for about 8%of the global greenhouse gas. The steel industry plays a role in achieving the Paris Agreement's climate goals, and these emissions need to be reduced by at least 90%. The "Steel Standard Principles" calls on the global steel industry to establish a uniform greenhouse gas emissions accounting method, and promote the investment and adoption of innovative near -zero emissions technology and products, alleviate trade frictions caused by different measurement standards and incompatibility, accelerate the world's global Low -carbon transformation in the steel industry.

"Differential and uncoordinated trade policies have increased the difficulty of low-carbon transformation in the steel industry, hindering the cross -border flow of green technology, and slowing down the investment in cleaning technology." Enshqi said at the round table.

Zhong Shaoliang, deputy director of the World Iron and Steel Association and the chief representative of the Beijing Representative Office, told a reporter from China Metallurgical News: "The World Trade Organization supports the calculation method of greenhouse gas emissions in the industrial industry worldwide. The key step of carbon transformation process and promoting the accurate definition of 'green low-carbon products'' is also the most difficult step. Especially for the formation of global unified carbon emissions methods and standards for the steel industry, the challenges will exceed most people. Expectation. "

As of now, the "Steel Standard Principles" has been recognized by about 35 global major steel industry associations, manufacturers, standard formulation agencies, and international organizations including the China Steel Industry Association.



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