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Refractory raw material market analysis in December 2023

In 2023, the overall market of the grand refractory raw material market showed a lighter season in the peak season. Except for the aluminum alum soil base price of 2%to 3%, the benchmarks of the rest of the major fir-resistant raw materials have fallen. The scales graphite -based quasi -price annual decreased annual decrease, reaching 30.77%, which is the king of the annual raw materials of the raw materials; the secondary carbonized decrease is between 24%and 30%; between. The quasi -price aluminum aluminum base is a bit raised, mainly due to the shortage of aluminum ore and fuel. In the blow to domestic demand and exports, the market is mainly based on the price reduction market.

In December, as the end of 2023, the anti -fire raw material market has a situation of rising, falling, and stable. The quasi -priced price of brown corruption rose slightly. White fused alumina, fused alumina, magnesium sand, aluminum and aluminum soil market were weak, and the target price of silicon carbide and scales graphite fell again.

Corundum: The quasi -price of the brown jade base increases, with an amplitude of 50 yuan/ton. The reason is that the supply of light -burning alum to the raw material is tight. The operating rate of the brown jade smelting enterprise is not high, the production capacity is limited, the spot of brown jade blocks is insufficient, and the manufacturer's price will be promoted.

White fused alumina, fused alumina market ended in 2023 with weakness and stability. In December, the domestic industrial aluminum alumina increased slightly by 20 yuan/ton, mainly due to the uncertainty of Guinea aluminum deposits, the production of heavy pollution weather in Shandong, and the lack of supply of aluminum oxide in Shanxi and Henan aluminum mines. The slightly rising industrial alumina has not supported White fused alumina and fused alumina quasi -price increase. However, if electricity prices rose to come true, environmental protection control has caused the suspension of production and production, and there is room for rising in the corundum market.

Magnesium Sand: The discontinuation of explosives and the price increase of diamond magnesium ore brought cost support for sintering magnesium and electric melting magnesium sand, but the weak demand allowed magnesium to drop again. At the end of 2023, the price of magnesium sand in the top ledger was sold at low prices for individual enterprises to recover funds, but the magnesium market was stable in a weak market as a whole.

Scales graphite: In December, the target price of scales fell again. Graphite export control has been implemented from December 1st, so that the export volume in November has increased to 23,500 tons, which is the highest monthly export volume throughout the year, and it has also made my country a net exporter of scales. Affected by export control and domestic users' winter storage is not positive, the price reduction is expected. However, the quality of the scale graphite is uneven, and the product has a spread of 300 yuan to 500 yuan per ton.

Aluminum soil: The supply of aluminum mines is still relatively tight. Due to the influence of users' winter storage failed, the aluminum alumic soil market is weak and stable. Due to the suspension of some mines around Xiaoyi, the environmental protection rectification of the Sanmenxia region restricted the construction of local mines in the Sanmenxia area, and the supply of aluminum mines in Shanxi and Henan continued to decline. Because aluminum alum -soil enterprises have inventory, it has not had much impact on the aluminum aluminum market. At the end of 2023, a small number of manufacturers returned the funds, and the transaction price decreased slightly.

Silicon carbide: In the fourth quarter of demand, the exports were not good in the fourth quarter, and the quasi -priced price of silicon carbide continued to decline.

Although an earthquake occurred, the production of silicon carbide production enterprises in Gansu was normal and the logistics was smooth. The market for the ingredients oil is weak, the smoke -free coal is weak, and the electricity price is stable, and the price is stable. Near the end of the year, corporate recovery funds were under great pressure, and price negotiation space increased. It is expected that in the later stage, the trend of silicon carbide is mainly weak.

Generally speaking, the Grand Cold resistance raw material market was weak and stable in 2023. In the first half of 2024, the market situation was not optimistic. In the second half of the year, if the policy was contributed, the "combination boxing" helped the economy to rise, and the anti -fire raw material market was expected to improve.



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