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Tundish nozzle quick replacement method

1. Hydraulic quick replacement method:

The nozzle in use and the spare nozzle are placed front and back on the same plane, supported by high temperature resistant springs, and the nozzle is replaced by hydraulic ejection;

The rapid replacement of the sizing nozzle adopts a specific mechanical device. There is a running slideway with accurate dimensions in the device. The sizing nozzle and the spare sizing nozzle in the working state are positioned in the slideway.

When the sizing nozzle needs to be replaced, press the start button, and the hydraulic drive device will push the standby nozzle to slide from the standby position to the working position within 0.1s, and the original working nozzle will be pushed out to the collection position;

The molten steel is injected into the crystallizer through the new lower nozzle, so as to realize the rapid replacement of the sizing nozzle during the continuous casting process. After replacement, the center line deviation of the upper and lower nozzles is less than 0.1mm.

2. Manual quick replacement method:

The nozzle in use and the spare nozzle are fan-shaped on the same plane, fixed mechanically, and replaced manually. The manual replacement mechanism is simple, and it is divided into four parts: the base, the fixed plate, the sector plate, and the spring pressure regulator.

There are two sizing nozzles in the fan-shaped slide frame, moving the handle of the fan-shaped frame can make the casting hole of one of the nozzles on the fan-shaped slide frame in working condition, while the other nozzle has been moved to the other side of the device. Replace the removed nozzle.



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