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Transformation and upgrading of refractory industry

The first is the transformation and upgrading of the product: the refractory material product transforms the product, functionalization, and environmental protection of the product to the resources and energy energy conservation type, increase the proportion of resources, energy conservation, low -temperature firing or non -firing, and irregular refractory materials. As well as the refractory materials for people and environment -friendly, eliminate traditional refractory materials for high resources and high -energy consumption and high pollution.

The second is the transformation and upgrading of production and construction technology and equipment and environmental protection equipment: to automate, intelligent, and digital transformation, and to achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection, pollution reduction and carbon reduction. In the context of the digital economy, digital and intelligent transformation has become a must for high -quality development in the refractory material industry to achieve high -quality development. The acceleration of new generation of information technology is integrated with traditional manufacturing, helping enterprises to achieve energy conservation cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency, and efficiency and efficiency. , Development of carbon reduction and safety and environmental protection. Eliminate high -pollution, high -energy consumption production equipment, kiln and construction equipment, environmental protection equipment and backward production processes.

Third, the transformation and upgrading of the industry and enterprises: The refractory material enterprises actively target the location, process layout, equipment automation and intelligent level, energy consumption indicators of its factory buildings, process layout, equipment and equipment automation in accordance with the relevant requirements of the "Standardous Conditions" and other relevant energy consumption standards. , Environmental protection indicators, safety management and social responsibilities, etc., and autonomously transform and upgrade; the local government authorities formulate the review and evaluation standards according to the local industrial layout, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, accelerate the survival of the fittest, and force the company to transform and upgrade through energy consumption and environmental protection. You can also formulate incentives and reward measures to provide financial support for the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. Through the bridge, encourage enterprises to carry out extensive and in -depth reorganization with capital, technology, products, and markets. Upgrade to lay the foundation for the development of the entire industry. Of course, the transformation and upgrading of the refractory material industry is difficult to complete by enterprises and industry self -discipline. It requires the led by the competent authorities at all levels of the country and local levels. And the transformation and upgrade plan, gradually promote the transformation and upgrading of various refractory materials production gathering areas in batches, thereby completing the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry.



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