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Refractories for Induction Furnace

  • Neutral Ramming Mass
  • Neutral Ramming Mass
  • Neutral Ramming Mass
Neutral Ramming MassNeutral Ramming MassNeutral Ramming Mass

Neutral Ramming Mass

  • Neutral Ramming Mass
  • Neutral Lining for Induction Furnace
  • Neutral Lining Materials
  • Product description: Neutral ramming mass has a series of advantages such as erosion resistance, strong stability, non-cracking, strong operability and high fire resistance. Neutral Lining for Induction Furnace is able to

Neutral Ramming Mass

Neutral ramming mass is able to resist penetration & protrusion of cracks & pores into the refraction lining, thus providing safety from penetration of molten steel towards the heat sensitive crucible & neutral lining for induction furnace also ensures easy removal while replacing the lining. With a specific ability of sintering only on the surface, that is in contact with the molten steel.

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Neutral ramming mass has the characteristics:

High-temperature resistance: It can withstand high temperatures, and it does not soften, melt or break down under the high temperature environment.

Excellent thermal shock resistance: It can resist the sudden temperature changes that occur during the melting process, which helps to extend the lifespan of the lining material.

Good erosion resistance: It can withstand the chemical and mechanical attack of the molten metal, slag and other materials inside the induction furnace.

Low thermal conductivity: It has low thermal conductivity which helps to reduce heat loss and energy consumption.

The advantages of neutral ramming mass:

Superior stability and durability: Neutral ramming mass is highly stable and durable, and it can maintain its shape and structure even after many cycles of heating and cooling.

Easy to install and maintain: Neutral ramming mass is easy to install and maintain, and it can be applied using conventional methods such as ramming, casting, or gunning.

Reduced downtime and maintenance costs: It minimizes downtime and maintenance costs, which increases the furnace's productivity and efficiency.
Improved Furnace Performance: Neutral ramming mass can improve the performance of induction furnaces by providing better insulation and reducing energy loss during melting and holding operations.

Longer Furnace Life: The use of neutral ramming mass can extend the life of an induction furnace by protecting it from thermal shock and abrasion.

Improved metal quality: The use of neutral ramming mass in the furnace lining can improve the quality of the melted metal, as it does not contaminate the metal.

The applications of neutral ramming mass:

Melting of Non-Ferrous Metals: Neutral ramming mass is commonly used in induction furnaces for melting non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminum, and zinc.

Melting of High-Grade Steel: It is also used for melting high-grade steel, where high temperatures and clean melting conditions are required.

Melting of Precious Metals: Neutral ramming mass is used for melting precious metals like gold and silver, where purity and consistency are crucial.