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The main ladle parts and corresponding ladle refractories

Ladle Refractories
The ladle is an important equipment in the steelmaking process, which is used to transport and pour liquid steel from the furnace. The main parts of the ladle and their corresponding ladle refractories are as follows:

Ladle lining: The ladle lining is the main part of the ladle, which protects the ladle from high temperature and chemical erosion. The ladle lining is usually made of high alumina brick, magnesia brick, and carbon-bonded brick.

Ladle bottom: The ladle bottom is made of magnesia or magnesia-carbon refractories, which can resist the erosion of molten steel and slag.

Ladle wall: The ladle wall is designed to support the weight of the ladle and insulate it. The ladle wall is usually made of magnesia or magnesia carbon brick.

Ladle cover: The ladle cover is used to protect the steel from oxidation and contamination during transportation. The ladle cover is usually made of castable refractories or ceramic fiber.

Ladle nozzle: The ladle nozzle is the outlet of the ladle, which controls the flow of liquid steel. The ladle nozzle is usually made of high alumina or zirconia refractories.

In summary, the main parts of the ladle are made of refractory materials, which can withstand high temperature and chemical erosion, and protect the liquid steel from contamination and oxidation during transportation.



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