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The difference and application of neutral ramming mass and silica ramming mass

Neutral Ramming MassNeutral ramming mass and silica ramming mass are both important refractory materials for induction furnaces. When selecting filling materials for induction furnaces, it is necessary to choose a suitable ramming mass according to specific production needs and chemical properties of molten metal.
Neutral ramming mass and silica ramming mass have different chemical and physical properties, so their range of application and conditions of use are also different.

Chemical properties:

Neutral ramming mass is neutral and does not chemically react with molten metal in the furnace to avoid metal pollution. The silica ramming mass is an acidic material, which will react when it encounters alkaline substances, so it cannot be used to treat alkaline substances such as iron and steel.


Neutral ramming mass is mainly composed of graphite, high alumina materials, kaolin, etc., while silica ramming mass is mainly composed of silica and a small amount of alumina, aluminum sand, etc.

Physical properties:

Neutral ramming mass has good thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other properties at high temperature; silica ramming mass has good wear resistance and high temperature resistance, but its heat resistance Shock and erosion resistance are relatively poor.

Application range:

Neutral ramming mass is suitable for the smelting of neutral liquid metals such as iron and steel, and can be used as the inner layer filling material of induction furnace; while the silica ramming mass is more suitable for the inner filling material of electric arc furnace and foundry furnace.



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