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The difference between acidic and neutral ramming materials in induction furnaces

Many steel mills think they are good at using acidic quartz sand furnace charge, so they buy neutral ramming materials and use them according to the usage of quartz sand ramming materials, but the results are not satisfactory. Let me briefly explain the difference between the two: First of all, from the material point of view, quartz sand ramming materials are quartz-based ramming materials. The neutral ramming mass is a ramming material mainly composed of aluminum oxide and magnesium oxide.

Second, the quartz sand ramming material can be easily laid on the furnace. Because the expansion coefficient is large. After expansion in the later stage, the density will be relatively better. The expansion coefficient of neutral ramming materials is low. What the furnace looked like at that time will not change much in the later period.

Therefore, it is required that the neutral beating materials must be carefully beaten when making the stove. The stronger the beating materials, the better. Third, in terms of oven time, acidic furnace materials can be baked in about two hours, while neutral furnace materials generally require more than 10 hours to be baked, and the temperature needs to be slowly raised. Fourth, the density is different. The density of acidic ramming mass is 2.1, and the density of neutral ramming mass is 2.8. The above is the difference between acid ramming mass and neutral ramming mass.



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