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Posco International proposed that the carbon neutralization will be achieved by 2050

On July 2nd, Posco International officially announced its carbon neutrality, planned to reduce the company's operating carbon emissions by 37% by 2030, while increasing the construction of renewable energy facilities. In 2050, carbon will be achieved. Neutralized and officially became a global ecological friendly enterprise.

In terms of direct emission reduction, Posco International plans to use the 3.4 Gava -grade LNG natural gas power generation facilities in the major domestic power plant in South Korea, the Incheon LNG combined recycling power plant. Carbon capture and storage technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
In terms of indirectly reduction, Posco International will greatly expand the scope of renewable energy such as wind energy, and plans to be based on the original 14.5 Gywa -grade solar power generation and 62.7 MW class on the ground. 2.5 Gilva -level offshore wind power power.



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