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The difference between fused magnesia and large crystal fused magnesia

Fused magnesia is mainly obtained by melting magnesite ore with a content of more than 47% in an electric arc furnace. The chemical indicators of fused magnesia can be divided into 6 major items; 

1. Magnesium oxide content; 

2. Silicon dioxide content; 

3. Ferric oxide content; 

4. Aluminum oxide content; 

5. Caustic soda; 

6. Body density ; Fused magnesia product has high purity, large crystal grains, fine structure, strong slag resistance, good thermal shock stability, is an excellent high-temperature electrical insulation material, and is also used to manufacture high-grade magnesia bricks, magnesia-carbon bricks and other materials. An important raw material for shaped refractory materials.

The main characteristics of fused magnesia products: fused magnesia products are characterized by complete structure, fine structure, high melting point (up to 2800 °C), stable chemical properties, high compressive strength, strong insulation performance, erosion resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is an important raw material for metallurgy, building materials, light industry, furnace lining and bulk materials, and an indispensable important refractory material for steel, cement, glass, non-ferrous metal smelting and other industries.

The main application of fused magnesia: fused magnesia can be mainly used as auxiliary refractory materials such as gunning materials and ramming materials, and special refractory bricks such as flow steel bricks, magnesia bricks, magnesia chrome bricks, etc. It can also be used in vacuum and non-vacuum It is used as refractory lining on induction furnace and electric arc furnace, and is an ideal material for manufacturing magnesia crucible, furnace and various high-temperature casings. the

Production process of large crystal fused magnesia: large crystal fused magnesia is mainly made of 91%-92% magnesium oxide and 0mm-3mm standard magnesium oxide particles, which are melted in an electric arc furnace. This product has high purity, large crystal grains, fine structure, strong slag resistance, and good thermal shock stability. material. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, national defense, scientific research, aerospace, household appliances components, etc.

Product features of large crystal fused magnesia: high purity, large melting of crystal grains, high point structure, fine structure; good thermal shock stability; excellent high temperature flexural strength; excellent slag resistance and corrosion resistance; heat conduction Highly functional and highly insulated.

Application of large crystal fused magnesia products: Large crystalline fused magnesia is used as lining refractory materials for steelmaking furnaces. Thermocouples and thermal insulation materials (household appliances, etc.); can also be used in ceramic materials and sintering aids, as well as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, national defense, medical equipment, etc.



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