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Application and composition of ladle sliding nozzle

As one of the important technological innovations to promote the rapid development of the iron and steel industry, the sliding nozzle has been popularized because of its obvious advantages over stopper rod control. At present, the sliding nozzle system is generally used on ladles and tundishes at home and abroad. With the fast pace of steelmaking, the development of continuous production and the need to continuously reduce costs, it is necessary to speed up the ladle heat turnover. And in order to realize the ladle turnover, the continuous use of the slide must be realized. The sliding plate multi-furnace technology has been adopted and has achieved remarkable economic benefits.

The ladle sliding nozzle is generally composed of a driving device, a mechanical part and a refractory material part. The working principle of the sliding nozzle is to stagger the upper and lower sliding bricks through the sliding mechanism, thereby driving the opening and closing of the flow steel hole to adjust the flow of molten steel.

The ladle sliding nozzle is an important system to control the flow of molten steel in the ladle. If the system has a steel-piercing accident during use, it will lead to severe production accidents such as breaking the casting machine and burning out the continuous casting machine equipment. With the further acceleration of the steelmaking rhythm, higher requirements are put forward for speeding up the ladle turnover and reducing production accidents, and ensuring the safe operation of the sliding ladle nozzle is a prerequisite. Generally, the number of times of steel leakage at the sliding nozzle of the small ladle is relatively high, so reducing or eliminating steel leakage accidents at the sliding nozzle is of great significance for steelworks whose production rhythm is getting faster and faster. The combined use of slide plates can reduce the number of turnover ladles and reduce the pressure on ladle supply and turnover. In addition, the combined use of ladle slides can also reduce the labor intensity of workers, increase the lining temperature, thereby reducing the tapping temperature, and bring a series of benefits to production and cost reduction.



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