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Knowledge about steel production

Knowledge about Steel Production
1.Ways to accelerate lime slag?
Improve the quality of lime.
Using soft-burning active lime.
Appropriately improve the composition of the flux .
To increase the blowing temperature.
Control the appropriate gun position 5 using synthetic slag.

2. Why should molten steel be deoxidized?
The molten steel is not deoxidized, and the correct solidification structure cannot be obtained even in the continuous casting. High oxygen content in steel can also cause defects such as subcutaneous bubbles and looseness, and exacerbate the harmful effects of sulfur. The generated oxide inclusions remain in the steel, which reduces the mechanical properties such as plasticity and impact toughness of the steel. Therefore, it is necessary to remove excess oxygen in the steel.

3. What aspects should be prevented from explosive splashing during the blowing process?
A. Control the bath temperature.
B. Do not drop the gun easily once the splashing process occurs.
C. When the furnace temperature is high, the white ash thickening slag can be appropriately added while the gun is being lifted.



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