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Using method of gunning material

The use of "refractory gunning material" is the most effective way to repair the kiln. It mainly uses the construction method of gunning to repair the refractory material of the kiln and effectively prolong the life of the kiln.

The construction methods of refractory gunning were initially only dry and wet, and were mainly used in converters. With the continuous advancement of technology, gunning construction is also gradually applied to blast furnaces, torpedo tankers, electric furnaces, ladles, etc.

The construction methods of gunning can be roughly divided into three types: dry spraying, semi-dry spraying and wet spraying according to the transportation methods of the materials.

"Dry spraying method" refers to mixing dry powder materials without moisture in the spraying device, and then adding water and mixing until it is transported to the nozzle part. It is the most traditional spraying construction method. However, due to the disadvantages of uneven mixing of dry powder materials and large amount of dust and material rebound, the technology of wet spraying method came into being.

"Wet spray method" means that the dry powder material and water are mixed in the spray device first, and then transported to the nozzle through the piston pump, where compressed air and accelerator are added, and the construction can be carried out. Compared with the dry spraying method, the wet spraying method can effectively improve the problems of dust and gunning material adhesion rate during construction. However, this method also has its shortcomings, such as the material mixed with water will cause the unfavorable phenomenon of clogging in the pipe during the transportation process, so that the operation cannot be carried out smoothly.

In order to improve and avoid the shortcomings of the dry spray method and the wet spray method, the "semi-dry spray method" was developed by combining the advantages of the two methods.

The spray device using this technology will pre-adjust the amount and concentration of a specific aerosol, and inject it into the dry powder material, so that the material becomes a uniform semi-wet state. Then, through the conveying pipe, the semi-wet material is transported to the nozzle, and then the adhesive is added to the nozzle to increase the adhesion rate of the material during construction.

Construction in this way can ensure that a construction body with low moisture and high filling can be obtained, and there is no dust during construction, high gunning material adhesion rate, and no blockage of the conveying pipe. Ideal construction method.



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